Valves and actuators

From control valves and actuators to pneumatic and hydraulic systems and automation.


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How to select the right valve

Selecting a slide gate or diverter for handling dry material is not as simple as one would imagine.
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Control valve redesign to increase productivity

Inaccurate control, abrasion, corrosion, costly maintenance – are these familiar control valve problems in your plant?
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Reduced set-up times thanks to automated actuators

By using automated actuators, a large company reduced the set-up times of several production lines from 45 minutes to under five minutes.
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Breaking new ground

An instrument that can be used in temperature ranges from as high as 450°C to as low as -195°C and pressure ranges from -1 to 160 bar.
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High-end intelligent emergency valve applications

How intelligence solutions can be utilised and what kind of added value – this article introduces examples of high-end emergency valve applications
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Selecting the correct valve for mine dewatering system

In a mine dewatering system, the incorrect valve could result in a significant reduction of efficiency – both energy and cost.
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Choose correct valve and save

Selecting the ideal control valve requires a delicate balance of compromise between various constraints.
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Electric position indicator - more functions

Four factors play a decisive role when components are implemented in plant and machinery.
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Composite materials for best valve performance

Over the past years construction materials such as iron, stainless steels and metal alloys have become more and more expensive.
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