Overhead line analysis and measurement with a smartphone or tablet

by C Rathbone, Linesmarts Ltd


Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2015 (pages 42 – 46)

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The LineSmarts measurement process works by firstly capturing a photo of the overhead line being assessed and then asking the user to enter distance information for the power line supports contained in the image. From that point the user can immediately process the results or move on to another measurement and process the results later. The photograph and the distance inputs are combined with information from device sensors to understand how to scale measurements from the image. Users identify defining points on the image through the device touch screen interface to perform the measurements. For example, to measure pole lean or height, points are selected at the top and bottom of the pole. From this information the measurement and analysis results are automatically processed and displayed. The development of LineSmarts pioneers a brand new method of overhead line measurement.

By using a smart device as its platform, LineSmarts is able to take advantage of the innate strengths of these devices. Measurements made by LineSmarts are recorded digitally and so can be readily copied and communicated using the various available electronic communication channels. The ability to digitally communicate results generally facilitates potential improvements to efficiency and information integrity. Ultimately it provides an opportunity to directly export results to corporate systems and databases.


Take note

  • An app – that enables measurement and analysis of overhead power lines and structures from a safe distance – has been developed.
  • This is a viable method of determining site specific tension, and potential for tension change, on overhead lines.
  • LineSmarts uses a brand new overhead line measurement method, made possible by modern smart phones and tablets.