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Flow monitors using the float principle

Anyone looking for a universal system for flow measurement will find it with flow monitors using the float principle.
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Particle Time of Flight

Reflections on gas flow measurement in hazardous environments
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Natural gas flow computer testing and evaluation

Flow computers, electronic flow measurement systems, communication systems, and new metering technologies have drastically changed the way we measure natural gas.
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4 Steps to more effective gas flow calibration

The four steps described guarantee more effective gas flow calibration.
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Analytical sensors with a transmitter in the sensor head

Digital analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology make external transmitters superfluous, effectively eliminating one of the greatest sources of error in the measuring chain.
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Accurate, reliable and versatile Coriolis flow meters

The advantages of Coriolis mass flow measurement are numerous and case studies from diverse industries illustrate this point.
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Go with the flow – gas flow measurement

It is important to know the strengths and limitations of the different technologies in measuring gas flow as accurate measurement is critical in the operation and control of industrial and laboratory processes.
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Value of modern 2-wire technology for MRO

The potential for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) which exists in older mechanical flow meters, where the existing flow meter technology was once the best solution for a particular application.
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Dedicated process plant compressors save energy

This case study demonstrates how energy savings can be achieved when the compressed air network supply pressure is reduced.
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Selecting correct flow meter

The key ingredient to achieving savings in utilities consumption is the proper measurement - at points of supply and consumption - of Water, Air, Gases, Electricity and Steam (WAGES).
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Gas flow calibration

Understanding the fundamentals of gas flow calibration is essential for evaluating calibration systems and resolving measurement problems.
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Flow meters and accuracy

Accuracy is one test that no flow meter can afford to fail - because accuracy equals money!
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Choose the right flowmeter

Ultrasonics is a viable alternative technology to the time-tried turbine for custody-transfer applications in the oil and gas industry.
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Vortex meters for liquids, gas, steam

For applications where liquids, gases, steam or compressed air are to be measured, vortex meters based on the vortex principle, offer almost ideal prerequisites.
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Field accuracy reflects practical precision

High measuring accuracy under ideal reference operating conditions is not everything. What is of crucial importance though, is that the devices do what they are supposed to do.
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‘Principles of Electromagnetic Flow Measurement’

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