What is Intelligent Wireless Sensing Technology?

In today’s uncertain world, we need to view issues of security very differently from the way we have viewed them in the past. Criminals seem to be a step (or ten steps) ahead when it comes to breaking the codes of many forms of security! Sad as it may seem, ‘trust’ no longer comes into the equation… but technology does!

Think about it… if every person working in a building had a wireless identification that could be verified on entry through some form of biometrics, all systems could respond to the presence of the person. This is Intelligent Wireless Sensing Technology… this is our future!


For example:

  • The individual’s journey via the basement elevator could be scheduled on entry into the basement parking
  • The air-conditioning system in the person’s office could be switched on according to personal preference.
  • The person would only be able to enter and exit the building with computer equipment that has been allocated to them; access control and attendance systems would automatically be updated as the person approached an entrance.
  • Security systems would stay activated, but would ignore people with valid identification.
  • Lights would switch on or off as the person walked through or left the building.
  • Business systems would automatically know who was accessing the systems and would allow access. When the individual left his or her desk, the computer would automatically lock, unlocking upon their return.


Take note

  • Sensor technology is the key to seamless integration of systems.
  • Sensor technology is viewed as an integral element of general product and service development.
  • Future trends point to intelligent sensor technology, effectively embedded into all aspects of our lives, optimising processes at various levels.


Published as:

Seamless user experience with ‘wireless intelligent sensing technology’

By G Botha, WiST

Electricity+Control, May 2012 (pgs 14 – 17)