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Pressure and level measurement
Broad areas of sensor application for radar technology
With strides having been made in recent years in the development of radar sensors for level measurement of liquids and bulk solids, you may need a few pointers on selecting the right ones!
Energy and enviro handbook 2012
Improved planning of photovoltaic power plants
Software that facilitates the planning of more tailored and economical photovoltaic power plants has been developed.
Standby and back-up
Power quality troubleshooting
By providing engineers with data beyond the standards, an unprecedented number of power quality events can not only be captured, but are definitely solved.


Interferers don't stand a chance

 A well-screened cable connection does not let interfering signals bother it. Sensitive points that are often forgotten about include cable glands and connectors. A large contact area

and low electrical resistance to ground are critical. The Lapp Group offers not only cables, but cable glands and connectors that combine optimum electromagnetic compatibility and easy assembly.


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As we are all aware, the spoken word often includes nuances that are not obvious in writing.

For this reason, and to encourage debate and introduce you in time to the esteemed authors of our technical articles, Electricity+Control – through E+C Spot On – is delighted to introduce our video link, Face Value. 


Become a real Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Training by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is the real thing, one that industry is talking about. Being Certified as an Energy Professional with an International Organisation with recognition in 90 countries is the reason that it is so highly regarded. Those that have it, will tell you it is not an easy road, but very worthwhile for personal development and it has a quick return on investment for employers.

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